These beautiful books seen above were created by last year’s winners: Sander Coers, Miya TurnbullAshley A. Ross, Jeremy Starn, Barbara Gabrielle (and Benny Zenga’s is still in progress). You can also see the previous year’s winners here.

Independently owned and based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Bookmobile began as a design and typesetting production house in 1982, then started offering print services in 1996, and distribution services in 2004. When your books come to Bookmobile, they get the benefit of forty-one years of know-how. If you want to learn more about Bookmobile, you can check out their website here, or email them directly here.

We know it’s a dream for many of you to publish a book of your own work and this is a chance to do it without all the costs. These will be your books, not ours, so each of you will have full control of the design and layout. We will happily provide assistance/guidance if you need it, but the book design will ultimately be your responsibility.


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