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U.S. large-cap stocks post biggest weekly outflow in 16 months, say BofA strategists

U.S. large-cap stocks saw their largest weekly outflow since December 2022 in the past week, according to BofA Global. Source link


How Moving Overseas Made Me a Better Real Estate Investor

In this article Whenever I hop on a conference call, someone asks, “Where are you located?” And then their eyes widen when I respond, “Lima,


If Iran attacks Israel, Middle East turmoil could lift oil past $100 a barrel

Oil traders know the all-too-familiar drill: Heightened tensions in the Middle East have led to a rally in prices — so far to the highest


‘She doesn’t like to rock the boat’: My mother will spend millions taking care of my aging stepfather. What can I do?

“It has been stated that he is not leaving my mom anything and that all his money will go to his kids.” Source link


A $1.50 sandwich? Despite inflation, food at the Masters golf tournament is still among the cheapest in professional sports.

Food prices in the U.S. are up 2.2% over the past 12 months, but at the Masters, a pimento cheese sandwich is still $1.50 and


Consumer sentiment falls in April on worries about sticky inflation

An early reading of consumer sentiment in April retreated from a 32-month high, a sign of some frustration on the part of Americans about lingering


Inside the secret meeting where Donald Trump’s ‘catch-and-kill’ trial began

Soon after Trump announced his run for president in 2015, he allegedly hatched a plot with his lawyer and the publisher of the National Enquirer


Musk has two weeks to turn the ship around, says Tesla bull who is losing faith

Tesla’s next earnings call needs to emphasize that Model 2 is a priority, says a leading analyst. Source link


This fund has outperformed with stocks that are ripe targets for other companies

Here’s a look at another strategy to continue a series of articles about ways to diversify beyond broad index strategies in the stock market. Source

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