New K-Drama The Atypical Family aired episode 11 on Saturday, June 8, 2024, on JTBC and Netflix. Led by cast members Jang Ki-Yong and Chun Woo-Hee, the Korean series is a fantasy romance story about a mysterious woman who changes the lives of a family with superpowers.

In the previous episode, Da-Hae (Chun Woo-Hee) faked her death to save Gwi-Joo’s (Jang Ki-Yong) life. But he found the truth and rushed to meet her. He then learned that Da-Hae lied to him because his mother saw a dream of his death. He might die while saving Da-Hae in the past timeline. The episode ended with the two hugging each other and promising to be together.

The Atypical Family episode 11 begins with Da-Hae and Gwi-Joo having a romantic time. The next day, he warns her family to stay away from her. If they hurt her, Gwi-Joo will not let it go. Meanwhile, Da-Hae tells his mother, Man-Heum, that she will find a way to save his son. Also, Da-Hae promises Gwi-Joo’s daughter, Yi-Na, that she will lift the family’s curse. She refers to the Bok clan’s superpowers to curse.

The Atypical Family ep 11 spoilers: Chun Woo-Hee finds a solution to save Jang Ki-Yong

In The Atypical Family episode 11, Man-Heum is grateful to Da-Hae for protecting Gwi-Joo at all costs. While Da-Hae promises to find a new solution to save him, Man-Heum claims that her dreams cannot be changed.

On the other hand, Yi-Na becomes heartbroken after learning about Man-Heum’s dream. The latter’s superpower is that she can see the future in her dreams. So Man-Heum sees that Gwi-Joo will travel back in time to save Da-Hae from a fire incident and will eventually die. Yi-Na, who previously helped Gwi-Joo find Da-Hae, blames herself for ruining Da-Hae’s plans to save her father.

Da-Hae comforts Yi-Na and refers to the family’s superpowers as their “curse.” She says, “I guess there really is a curse in this family. You are all born with something others can only dream of, but you take it for granted.” She further claims that the family worries that people will find out about their superpowers and thus becomes scared. Hence, they become miserable instead of using their powers in a good way. Da-Hae adds, “I’ll be the one to lift that curse.” She promises that she will change the dreams of Man-Heum.

Meanwhile, Dong-Hee (Claudia Kim) reveals to Gwi-Joo how their mother’s dreams ruined her career. Man-Heum, on the other hand, informs Da-Hae that her dreams have become a curse to her family. She mentions how her dreams affected Dong-Hee and their relationship. Da-Hae manages to change Dong-Hee’s fate and discovers that Man-Heum’s dreams are not always right. Da-Hae now realizes that she can save Gwi-Joo, too.

The Atypical Family episode 11 ending: Jang Ki-Yong’s neck’s scratch hints at a tragic ending

Episode 11 of The Atypical Family shows Gwi-Joo creating happy moments with Yi-Na and his family. Da-Hae has also become an integral part of her family. She becomes happy when she sees his future self looking at the couple happily, which proves that Gwi-Joo is still alive.

Towards the end, Gwi-Joo transports back to his childhood when Dong-Hee’s friends made fun of her. He helps the child Dong-Hee find happiness at the time. When he returns to the present, Gwi-Joo notices a scratch on his neck. The mark leaves him a bit scared.

For context, Da-Hae mentioned that the person who saved her from the fire incident could not be Gwi-Joo. She stated that her savior had a mark on his neck, and at the time, Gwi-Joo didn’t have it. However, he has a neck scratch in the present, hinting at his tragic ending.

Will it be a sad ending for Gwi-Joo and Da-Hae? Only time will tell. The Atypical Family episode 12 (finale) will air on Sunday, June 9, 2024, at 10:30 p.m. KST on JTBC. It will also stream on Netflix.

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