Epic RPG Final Fantasy VII Rebirth doesn’t just have individual levels for characters, it also has something called Party Level. Maxing out at Level 10, Party Level influences how much of your character Folios (which grant new abilities and stat boosts) you can unlock.

But if you’ve reached the end of the game and have done everything you can think of, you’re probably wondering why you haven’t hit Party Level 10 just yet. Well, that’s because for a while it was kind of impossible. Also you will need to replay certain mini-games (that are already kinda tough) on Hard Mode.

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The Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop’ bug is now fixed

Previously, those playing FF7 Rebirth digitally were unable to hit Party Level 10 thanks to a wonderful bug that’s made the “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” side-quest in Corel impossible to finish. The good news is that Square Enix fixed this quest via a patch that dropped on April 11, 2024.

Yes, you need to finish all the mini-games on hard mode

Hope you liked FF7 Rebirth’s mini-games, because if you want to hit Party Level 10, you will need to ace hard mode on some already-tough mini-games. That’s right, I’m talking about Fort Condor, Cactuar Crush, and everyone’s favorite, Gears and Gambits. While we don’t cover hard mode for Gears and Gambits explicitly in our guide on this somewhat-overwhelming mini-game, many of the basics for its normal mode will carry over, you just won’t have access to Chadley’s pre-configured robots.

Note that by “Hard Mode,” I don’t mean the game’s global harder difficulty. After you finish Junon, Corel, and Cosmo Canyon’s proto-relic quests, you can choose to replay those related mini-games with their own hard modes. These are required to earn all of the game’s EXP to reach Party Level 10.

Of these mini-games, Cactuar Crush is probably the easiest to finish in hard mode, as unlike Fort Condor and Gears and Gambits, it involves the game’s regular combat system. I recommend trying to finish this one first as your characters should be pretty powerful and speedy if you’re heading for Party Level 10 anyway.

If you haven’t finished the protorelic quests tied to these mini-games, you will need to clear them on normal mode before you can take on hard mode, meaning there’s no way out of playing these games more than once.

Party Level 10 checklist

In addition to hard mode for a few mini-games, here’s the rest of what you’ll need to do to earn Party Level 10, which will also help you make progress toward a platinum trophy.

  • The entirety of FF7 Rebirth’s main story
  • Activate every tower in the world
  • All Classified Intel (open-world mini-bosses like the Tonberry King)
  • Scan every summon’s Divine Intel crystal
  • Scan every Lifespring in the world
  • Dig up every excavation site
  • Defeat all Fiend Intel creatures
  • All Moogle mini-games
  • All protorelic quests
  • Complete every side-quest (which you can’t do until a new patch lands)

So while you won’t be able to tick off that last item for a little bit longer, there’s still plenty of stuff to do around the world.

Hitting Party Level 10 will allow you to unlock all abilities and stat boosts with your characters, moving them toward greater power via Synergy Skills and Abilities as well as more powerful Limit Breaks.


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