I just had my third visit to Graceland, and while we were waiting in line on the mansion grounds for the tour the group ahead of us to go through the iconic front door, I looked down and had an idea.

You see the main front lawn is dotted with mighty oak trees. They’ve been here since Elvis lived here. He raced his carts around them and posed for photos under them, along with Priscilla and Lisa Marie. They’re massive.

But what’s also happening is baby saplings are sprouting up in the gardens, and no doubt the lawn, but the lawn guy mows them down before they get a chance to grow.

Who would buy an oak tree sapling from Graceland?

Graceland oak tree sapling in a boxGraceland oak tree sapling in a boxGraceland oak tree sapling in a box
I created this little AI oak sapling in a box, but I would buy one!

I think plenty of fans would. These little trees, with so much history, could be packaged up with a certificate of authenticity and sold across the road at the Elvis Experience shops and by mail order.

Of course, people from outside of the US (like me!) would not be able to take them home, but I’m sure there’d be many die-hard Elvis Presley fans in the US who’d love one. You could even bonsai it and keep it inside.

Now, that’s an idea for Riley to help clean up her mama’s debts 😉

I have also uploaded lots of my photos from inside the Graceland Mansion, the grounds and outer buildings, as well as across at the Elvis Experience, for a good look around.

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