Thumpies are not your usual monster. They’re cute, fuzzy, and just a little bit gross. Each one has their own wild look.

A full remake of the 2010 game, you will keep the beat alive by tapping in time with the Thumpies as they bounce and tumble to the score. If you make a minster, the Thump-o-Meter will delete.

There are 26 Thumpies to unlock while playing, including some never-before-seen monsters. You can complete 17 levels and 83 stages of toe-tapping fun.

WIth the new achievement system, you can challenge your self to Platinum each stage.

If you’re ever stuck with a song, the assist mode will help you master the beat and keeping the monsters happy.

Designed for the iPhone and all iPad models, My Singing Monster Thumpies is a $4.99 download on the App Store now.

I remember playing the original My Singing Monsters on the original iPad, and it’s great to see the gameplay brought into the modern age with the new game. The graphics look great, and the gameplay is both challenging and fun. It’s a great game for almost any age.


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