Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra has a lot of high-end specs, as you’d expect, and a lot of people have spent countless amounts of time arguing over them. One thing that is inarguable, however, is that no other smartphone right now has Corning’s Gorilla Glass Armor on top of its screen, and that should be a pretty big selling point for the S24 Ultra, since you can literally see the difference it makes when you hold it in your hand.

Today Samsung has finally decided to properly advertise this feature that so far has kind of stayed under the radar, with a new video on its official YouTube channel, featuring cameos from Marques Brownlee aka MKBHD as well as John Bayne, Corning’s SVP, Mobile Consumer Electronics.

The anti-reflective coating that this glass has makes the S24 Ultra’s display actually seem much brighter than it is, especially on a bright sunny day, because the screen’s brightness doesn’t have to fight reflections anymore, since it reduces glare by up to 75%. So while the panel itself is insanely bright to begin with, when paired with this glass it’s just in a league of its own.

But, of course, there’s more. Gorilla Glass Armor is four times more scratch resistant than other screen glass tech too. Armor is made through a process that covers the glass surface with special ions in nanometer layers, each one thinner than a human hair. The Gorilla Glass Armor is made in an ultra-clean environment with vacuum deposition systems, in a process similar to the one Samsung uses to manufacture semiconductors.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

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